At HANIKA CRAFTSMANSHIP is regarded as tailor-made precision and SOUND as art. That's why our guitars symbolise QUALITY and the TRADITION of craftsmanship.


HANIKA's Professional Line represents the peak in the art of guitar-making sound and craftsmanship. The classical guitars in this line are designed and composed to meet the individual wishes and needs of demanding guitar virtuosos. The finest selection of woods in conjunction with master craftsmanship and the use of the noblest and highest quality materials produce unique works of sound art.

The guitars in our Concert Line impress with perfect harmonious sound and sophisticated design. Unique in every aspect – select, outstanding tonewoods, filigree ornamentation and impressive play of colours deliver an aesthetic that is both visually and aurally pleasing. The HANIKA Concert Line is for appreciative players who are not afraid to try their hand at more difficult musical pieces and who have outgrown amateur status.

The guitars in our Recital Line focus on the essential – the harmonious combination of look and sound for the discerning. A substance-rich sound for varied playing in conjunction with extensive registers of tone colour made possible by the selection of high-quality tonewoods.

The models in our Studio Line are characterised by their easy playability and convincing registers of tone colour. The instruments in our Studio Line are designed as entry-level guitars but even these convince over the long term through the use of select solid tonewoods and high-quality materials in their manufacture.

The HARMONY of care and quality

The origins and quality of our exclusive materials are carefully monitored. Which is how extraordinary sound and highest-quality workmanship are brought together.

INNOVATION and DEVELOPMENT of our GUITARS have constituted the foundation for our success since 1953.


The inverted bridge with its particularly flat design is responsible for improving the transfer of resonance to the guitar's soundboard.


The lattice structure makes the soundboard lighter and considerably thinner. The soundboard is only 1,3 millimetres thick and so considerably improves efficiency while preserving the classical sound of the guitar.


The monitor hole enhances the guitarist's own perception, which is helpful particularly in concert settings.


The pierced head is our trademark. But it is not only responsible for making the guitar lighter, it also increases attack and constitutes a visual highlight at the same time.


This uncompromising lightweight design allows extreme volumes to be achieved. In conjunction with perfect responsiveness and a superior balanced sound, it allows even the most difficult pieces in guitar literature to be performed with great expressiveness.


Certificates detailing what woods were used and from where they were sourced are now issued for each instrument in the new model series.