A suitable gripping profile is decisive to helping players feeling comfortable with their instruments. The details of our range has been presented here.

The neck profile is often decisive to playability and the feel of the instrument. The C-profile in its different gradations is suitable for smaller hands, the D-profile provides a little more space for gripping and has been worked slightly more over the gradation.

Two different shapes are available to choose from here. A C-shaped and a D-shaped profile. Both are available in different thicknesses as you can see from the document. The neck is shown here with its cross-section at the nut position (each 52 millimetres wide) and at the 12th fret (each with the resulting width of 62 millimetres). The depictions are only theoretical because the heel enters the body and the neck enters the head at these points.

We mainly employ the D-1 profile in the Studio Line and Recital Line models and the C-1 profile in the Concert Line and Professional Line models. Please refer to the characteristics for the individual guitars for more details.