Fretboard width

Neck width and string spacing have a tremendous effect on the feel of the instrument when it is played and must therefore be chosen on a very individual and different basis.

We are able to provide a selection of fretboard widths ranging from 46 to 54 millimetres in order to as far as possible meet the requirements of all players with different hand sizes and playing styles. This size refers to the width of the fretboard at the nut / at the top end of the fretboard. The string spacing at the nut is determined by the fretboard width. A fretboard that is 52 millimetres wide, for instance, possesses a string spacing (E-e') of 42 millimetres. The following gradations are possible:

54/44 – 52/42 – 50/40 – 48/40 – 46/40

Barré chords are easier to achieve on narrower fretboards but narrower fretboards also mean that the strings are positioned closer together, which makes fingering the individual strings without damping the others more difficult.

The custom shop is able to realise other fretboard-width combinations on inquiry.