Woodsubmission in Iphofen

Checkers tree, Sorb and Cherrywood. Especially beautiful tonewoods are hard to find. One possibility is to participate in a wood submission. Armin und Marion Hanika stayed there for the first time last march.

During our last project, building 24 identical instruments with different backs and sides, we also used native tonewoods. We realized interesting alternatives for normally used tropical woods. Now the questions was, where to get these rare tonewoods like Checkers tree, Sorb and Cherrywood etc. The answer was to participate in a wood submission, specially in local hardwood submissions. These submissions are organized by forest communities to realize a good prize for the most valuable logs. When they are announced, interested parties can visit the forest place and inspect every single log. Then you can place your bid for the wood you are interested in. Finally, all the bids are checked and the highest offer gets the log. During last march we spontaneously realized this idea and bid on several logs in Iphofen - to be continued.

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