Unique concert line model with selected resonance ground

After our last year´s limited anniversary instruments quartet made from fruitwoods, we came up with a new HANIKA project in our manufactory for this upcoming fall. With a lot of craftsmanship and tradition, our unique concert line model 59 F is being formed. Its soul is the resonance ground made from selected tonewoods that were stored for a long time.

With our commerical promotion „TEST THE BEST“ we make the differences between the woods, their timbre and sonority hearable. The model 59nbsp]F was built 24nbsp]times, each back with a different type of wood – besides Santos Palisander, Cocobolo, Bocote, Grenadill, different woods from fruit cultivations, to just name a couple, also valuables such as Imbuya or wild service tree. During this promotion you have the unique chance to play these special guitars live, to compare them and to find the type of wood that sounds as individual as your play!

„TEST THE BEST“-Tour at the music dealer near you:

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