Strings of Hanika Concert Guitars

1. Hanika Studio and Recital Line

Here we use the set "Alliance Cantiga 510 ARJ" of the French company Savarez     (

Treble     Carbon / medium tension

Bass   silver wound / high tension

The new set combines the proven Savarez Alliance treble strings with the new Cantiga bass strings.

The new CANTIGA series from Savarez impresses with its incredible sound. Other characteristics include an overtone-rich spectrum, accurate response, long sustain and easy playability. An enrichment with many new possibilities for the musician.

2. Hanika Concert and Professional Line

Our Concert and Professional line we equip with strings of the Spanish company Knobloch. The exact name of the set is "ACTIVES CX Carbon Double Silver 400ADC"   (

Treble   Carbon CX / medium tension

Bass   Double Silver wound / high tension

Consisting of a double layer of silver over the Actives alloy with a compostite core, these strings are versatile and resonant. Designed for musicians looking to have a well-balanced string for any occasion, from live performance to the recording studio.

3. Hanika flamenco guitars

We use for our Hanika Flamenco guitars "TomatitoT50R" strings from the French manufacturer Savarez     (

Treble     E1 / H2-NEW CRISTAL Clear Nylon; G3 - KF ALLIANCE (Carbon)

Bass     Nylon / silver plated wound

SAVAREZ and Tomatito specially crafted them for the immediate and precise response, the projection and the particular sounds each flamenco player is looking for.
The velocity is much easier. The flamenco playing with its rasgueado, alzapúa, picado… is free and secure.
The strings benefit from new materials and treatments, and state of the art technologies which insure their high quality and long lasting.


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