Only genuine with 36 hands

Standing at the back, from left to right:  Armin Hanika, Konstantin Hirsch (2002), Hans-Joachim Kollar (1991), Dieter Menzel (2008), Jürgen Walz (1997), András Szabó (2002), Uwe Heinecke (2005), Silvia Pfeifer (2005), Andreas Strodel (2005),
Martin Bretscher (2003), Jens Griesang (2006), Jörg Lawrenz (2007), Hans-Martin Winkelmann (2008).

Sitting at the front, from left to right: Jakob Hellemann (2005), Marion Hanika (1998), Michaela Henze (2002), Susanne Grötsch (2005), Daniel Ott, Auszubildender zum Gitarrenbauer (2008).

in brackets = at Hanika since

Each and every day, we employ our ‘36 hands‘ to make our instruments even more unique and deliver an unmistakable experience of sound and quality with ‘Made by HANIKA’.

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