New year, new ideas

Last year we´ve worked intensively on new ideas and now in 2016 we can present ourselves with a series of innovations and innovative models. Besides the already successful concept of the lattice soundboards, there are now also variations with so called doubletop soundboards and a specialty called „Hanika Composite“.

Besides changed neck profiles, as well as different styles of models with other materials, the reorientation of our professional line is to be mentioned. It´s devided into the categories Natural, HE and 1A. The new models will hit the stores in the middle of February. You can find a detailed description of the model changes in the attached document.

In addition to all these innovations all our instruments now come with a certificate that states the types of wood that have been used.

After many years of price stability, we had to slightly adjust our prices this year. You can find all current prices in the list attached.

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