new Hanika label

As described in our news article from March 22, 2017, Hanika Gitarrenbau also had a number of newly designed labels over the decades.

A label is attached inside a concert guitar so that it can be seen when looking through the sound hole. Very important for all our labels is the original signature of Armin Hanika or earlier of his father, Helmut Hanika, which guarantees the authenticity of a Hanika guitar.

As a novelty, since January 2020 we now have two parallel used labels. The new label is used for all 1a models and for all custom shop instruments of the professional line and is available as an option for custom shop instruments of the other lines.

As our current label was too modern for many musicians, we have been inspired by historical models. Therefore, the more traditional label better expresses the individuality and uniqueness of our concert guitars of the professional line.


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