New Endorserinstrument hits the road!

After Maximilian Kronseder from 'DeSchoWieda' was playing a Hanika Basis Cut PC for a while, he now decided to get a new guitar. At our workshop, all the details where discussed so that the production of an unique customshop guitar got started.

Finally a beautiful Fusion PC with some changes was originated. On the headstock we engraved the initials of Maximilian, the finish was adapted to his needs and special inlays were inserted to the fretboard. Also a pickup-system was installed.

So with this new setup, Maximilian and his band performed at the public viewing event (Semifinal) in Munich in front of about 1000 Music- and Soccerfans.

We're sure, Max will have a lot of fun with his new instrument and we wish him a very good time in the future with his band 'DeSchoWieda'!


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