Klang Cuvée

A sonorous and delicious composition: With 'Klang Cuvée' Key-Wi Music and Doellerers Enoteca connect a delight for ears and mouth.

Following an invitation from Key-Wi Musicstore in Salzburg/Austria, Armin Hanika and Jazz-guitarist Helmut Nieberle will be guests at Doellerers Enoteca in Kuchl/Austria. Together they will present the way from the raw wood to a finished guitar. While learning about our craft, visitors can experience some culinary delights. Especially for this workshop we built three customshop-guitars made out of domestic tonewoods.

The multiple awarded cook Andreas Doellerer and the wine connoisseur Hermann Doellerer have thought of some gastronomic specialties for this exclusive event.

Thursday, 6th october 2016

7 pm, Doellerers Enoteca

Kellau 160, 5431 Kuchl Austria




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