journeyman examination Tobias Hanika




After taking the subject-related university entrance qualification, Tobias studied "Energy Technology" at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen and completed this study with the "Master of Science Energy Technology". Afterwards he completed a longer internship in our workshop and then decided to train as a luthier. A few weeks ago he passed his journeyman's exam in Mittenwald and is now working as a guitar maker in his father's company.

As his journeyman's piece, Tobias has designed and made a Spanish-styled guitar from native woods. The back, sides, rosette and headplate are made of Franconian oak that Tobias sawed himself and thermo-modified. The top is made of "bear-claw" spruce and comes from a very old stock, purchased several decades ago by Helmut Hanika, his grandfather and founder of Hanika Gitarrenbau. Bindings and decorative elements are made of sycamore maple. The bridge and fingerboard were made of thermo-treated service tree and the neck is of cherry, also thermo-treated. As a recurring design element, Tobias has chosen a hexagon, which adorns the instrument in various places.

We look forward to further co-working with our son and we are happy that Tobias' grandfather Helmut was still able to witness his decision to become a guitar maker after all.



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