60 years of HANIKA guitars

The name of HANIKA has stood for master craftsmanship in the manufacturing of classical guitars since 1953 and today it enjoys a global community of fans. To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we wanted to express our gratitude with a limited quartet of instruments that resonantly demonstrates our appreciation of the centuries-old tradition of fruit-growing that exists in our local region where meadow orchards represent a habitat that offers outstanding biodiversity and that is characteristic of Franconia.

Fifteen quartets for the Studio, Recital, Concert and Professional Lines were built using select and matured cherry, pear, apple and wild service trees – the latter tree dating from 2011 – for the back and ribs.

The models impress with many filigree details and fruit-wood inlays as well as in the way the special challenge of crafting the fruit woods with the best sound in mind was handled.

The anniversary quartet includes the ‘CHERRY STUDIO LINE’ model with closed-pore matt varnish, the ‘PEAR RECITAL LINE’ model with domed soundboard and the ‘APPLE CONCERT LINE’ model, the latter two also possessing soundboards in a high-gloss polished ‘NATURAL’ finish. The highest-quality instrument in the quartet – the ‘PROFESSIONAL WILD SERVICE WOOD’ model – impresses with a spruce soundboard that is only 1.3 millimetres thick and that has been hand-polished in shellac as well as with its ‘LATTICE’ bracing and with its neck that comes with a core created from multiple layers of ebony.

All models have been enhanced with fruit-wood inlays in the ebony head plate and matching mosaic rosette. The binding around the back and soundboard made from African blackwood has been executed with SWS shavings and the tuning machines have also been refined with pegs specific to fruit wood.

The anniversary ‘60 Years of HANIKA Guitars’ quartet addresses all types of guitar enthusiast, who, with these limited ‘fruit models’, will certainly be able to acquire a unique work of sound art that will continue to develop in value over the long.

Now available from 15 select HANIKA-Pro Shops:

HANIKA-Pro-Shop Partners in Germany:
Just Music · 10719 Berlin Wilmersdorf · www.justmusic.de
Der Musikbrunnen · 30159 Hanover · www.der-musikbrunnen.eu
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Musik Produktiv · 49479 Ibbenbühren · www.musik-produktiv.de
MUSICSTORE professional · 51103 Cologne · www.musicstore.de
music world · 59929 Brilon · www.musicworldbrilon.de
Musik- & Pianohaus Dreßler · 63739 Aschaffenburg · www.musik-dressler.de
session · 69190 Walldorf · www.session.de
Musik-Bertram · 79098 Freiburg · www.musik-bertram.com
Musik Hartwig · 81371 Munich · www.musik-hartwig.de
music-station piano werner · 94330 Aiterhofen · www.music-station.de
Musikhaus Thomann · 96138 Burgebrach · www.thomann.de

HANIKA-Pro-Shop Partners in Austria:
danner Musikinstrumente · 4020 Linz · www.danner.at
Hammer Musik · 8020 Graz · www.musikhammer.at

HANIKA-Pro-Shop Partners in Switzerland:
Servette 92 Music · 1202 Genève · www.servette-music.ch

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