Hanika Guitars celebrates its 70th anniversary

In 1953, Helmut Hanika made his first classical guitars in his small master workshop in Baiersdorf, Bavaria, Germany and quickly inspired a demanding group of guitarists in Germany with their harmonious sound and precision craftsmanship.

70 years later not much has changed on the one hand and very much on the other. The luthier tradition at Hanika has been continued for many years by his son, Armin Hanika, using the most modern machines and the help of a highly trained team. Future propects are optimistic, because the next generation, the grandson of the company founder, Tobias Hanika, is already supporting his father in the workshop.

The "birthday gift" for Hanika fans, an anniversary model in a limited edition of 49 pieces (7x7), with elements from the beginning and the modern age, draws a link from the past to the present day.

  • the special rosette as a reminder of the company founder Helmut Hanika

  • a three-part wedge in the head as a homage to Armin Hanika's journeyman's piece

  • a three-piece back made of rosewood and tineo as a contribution to sustainability

  • the "elevated-fingerboard" and a sound port as modern components

The list below shows where our anniversary model can soon be tested and purchased.

At the same time, Hanika Guitars is expanding its portfolio with four multi-string models - a 7 and an 8-string model in the recital line (Hanika 7-Pro and Hanika 8-Pro) and a 7- and an 8-string model in the professional line (Hanika 7-Meister and Hanika 8-Meister).


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