Hanika Gitarrenbau receives award for "Thermo-Wood-Project"

Project "Thermal modificated tone woods for use in concert guitar making" by Hanika Gitarrenbau is awarded as "ZIM craftsmanship project of the year".

Together with the engineers of the Technical University Dresden, the guitar manufacture of Armin Hanika has developed a technical procedure (thermal modification), which supplies native woods, such as spruce, maple or cherry with excellent sound characteristics and make them useable for the construction of acoustic guitars. Due to a special thermal treatment, the native woods get at least the same acoustic characteristics as tropical wood.

Native woods are treated with a specified temperature and a specified pressure under a low-oxygen atmosphere for a certain time to achieve the necessary aging and remodeling processes of the wood.

Meanwhile Armin Hanika makes in his "Native series" four new, completely free of tropical wood, guitar models (studio line 50KF-N, recital line 56AF-N, concert line 58EF-N and professional line HE-Doubletop-N) from thermally treated native woods. Therefore Hanika Gitarrenbau was honored as "ZIM craftsmanship project of the year" on May 09, 2019 at the “Innovation Day Mid Tier” of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in Berlin. See also here.

A short video about the "Innovation Day" in Berlin, in which Armin Hanika can be seen and heard, can be find here.

Armin Hanika Gitarrenbau and the Technical University Dresden are partners in a cooperation network within the framework of the central innovation program for mid tier (ZIM).

Hanika 56PF
Armin Hanika with the certificate signed by Peter Altmeier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

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