Hanika FusionPC - model 2022

Fusion players are wanderers between musical worlds!

We have been offering a Hanika Fusion model since 1998. At first available as Fusion PF and Fusion PC, it was revised in 2017 and got as Fusion PC the our new composite top. Now, after lots of feedback from Fusion players, we have further optimized the model. The core is the much flatter neck heel, which seamlessly merges into the cutaway. In addition, the instrument is now standard equipped with the new "[bracket]" pickup system by Udo Rösner. This system with a control panel in the side makes it possible to transmit the two signal sources (under-saddle piezo pickup and internal microphone) in a highly dynamic manner, paired with tone control options. Other changes include a reduced nut width of 48mm, a 30" curved fretboard and a slightly slimmer neck with a C-1.5mm neck profile. We have also equipped the Hanika Fusion PC - 2022 with additional marking points.

As a conclusion of his test, Andreas Schulz writes in the AKUSTIK GITARRE, issue 2-22 (unfortunately only available in German):

The 2022 model from Hanika's Fusion PC is a great, modern nylon string for crossover guitarists and all-rounders - actually for anyone who likes the sound of nylon strings and doesn't explicitly identify as a classical guitarist. Woods, workmanship, design, playability and sound are all at the highest level, playing this guitar is great fun. Due to the generally sensitive and player-oriented reactivity of the Fusion PC, experimenting with different strings should also bring interesting results and move the sound even closer to your personal imagination. The price is reasonable for an instrument of this quality with the "Made in Germany" seal.

The test video by Andreas Schulz on YouTube is also worth seeing.

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