Hanika becomes more multi-stringed

For many years we have also been offering our models as 7- or 8-stringed variants in our custom shop. However, this was very time-consuming to implement in the work­shop and correspondingly expensive.

In order to offer musicians the opportunity to play multi-stringed concert guitars with a good price/performance ratio, we have expanded our standard assortment with two 7-stringed models and two 8-stringed models. To meet the different demands of the guitarists, these are coming in the recital line, Hanika 7-Pro and Hanika 8-Pro, and in the professional line, Hanika 7-Meister and Hanika 8-Meister.

By default, the 7-stringed models are tuned - contra B, E, A, D, g, b, e' - and the 8-string models - contra A, C, E, A, D, g, b, e' ´. The spacing on all four instruments is slightly reduced for comfortable playability.

At the moment you can play all four new Hanika multi­stringed models by prior appointment directly here in Baiers­dorf and at "Siccas Guitars" in Karls­ruhe. You can also test the Hanika 7-Pro and 8-Pro from the recital line at “Musik­brunnen Böhmeke” in Hannover. In addition, your trusted music shop can also order these models on approval.

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