Gergely Szurgyi plays Hanika professional line

We are pleased to show you the video of a whole concert in which the virtuoso classical guitarist and sales representative of "Hanika Guitars", GERGELY SZURGYI from Hungary, plays different professional line Hanika models. He performs a program running through different epochs by composers such as Henry Purcell, Antonio Lauro, Márton Stummer and a self-composed suite in D major by different composers.

The Hanika models of the professional line are:

- Hanika HE-Lattice Custom (Ziricote)

- Hanika 1a-TorresCeder

- Hanika 1a-Doubletop Custom (Yew)

- Hanika 1a-Lattice

The video was recorded at the studio of our partner "Siccas Guitars" in Karlsruhe, where you can also test and buy all the instruments showed in the video.

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