For natural sounds ...

At Florinett AG's company site in Latsch, Kanton Graubünden/Switzerland, splendid mountain spruces with tight, regular growth rings thrive in a sunny but cold climate, from 1400 m above sea level. They provide the ideal raw material for the high-quality soundboards of our Hanika concert guitars.

Because the spruce top has a major influence on the sound of an instrument, suitable tree trunks are selected and felled by the Florinett AG forestry team in winter at the right moon position.

All further processing steps, up to the finished spruce top, are carried out with the greatest care by the experienced Tonewood team in Latsch. This guarantees optimal quality control at every stage of production.

Armin Hanika has been visiting "Florinett AG - Tonewood Switzerland" every spring since 2006 and he personally selects the spruce tops for our Hanika concert guitars from the wood that is processed there according to the strict FSC-100% guidelines.

Worth knowing:

Tree of the year 2017 in Germany

Height up to 50 meters

Diameter of mountain spruce in Graubünden up to 80 cm

Age of mountain spruces up to 250 years, now and then also up to 400 years, but unfortunately then they are mostly rotten inside

The mountain spruce is a spruce of the high and ridge areas, adapted to extreme climate with high snow cover and winters lasting several months.

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