company trip of Hanika Guitars

company trip of Hanika Guitars

On the 13th of June 2018 it was time again - the annual company trip of all employees of Hanika Gitarrenbau took place. This year, motion, adventure and delicious food were on the program. We visited the ProAlpin ropes course Veilbronn ( ) in our beautiful nearby „Fränkische Schweiz“.

At the moment there are ten different courses and the adventure started for us with a briefing. The coaches explained the security system "Smart Belay" and after the instruction we got the recommendation to start with one of the easier courses. Here we could warm up and make friends with the security system.

Soon everyone spread out on the various courses from easy to very difficult, depending on their strength, ability and courage, and also the "Rittersprung" (free fall from 13m height) was made by many.

Laughing and loud cheering sounded through the forest and obviously everyone was there with great joy and fun. After three exhausting hours and many committed courses, we switched to the nearby Naturfreundehaus ( ) and filled up the empty calorie depots with tasty Franconian food, made from fresh local ingredients.

A great day in perfect weather and everyone had a lot of fun !!!


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