7-stringed special model for   Daniel Göritz

The musician Daniel Göritz studied classical guitar in Berlin, Manchester and New York. Today, in addition to his regular concert activities with renowned national and international orchestras and ensembles, he teaches as an honorary professor for classical guitar at the „Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler" in Berlin.

The idea and specification was to design and make a guitar with an extended range in the direction of depth and at the same time the possibility of quickly changing the basic tone of the lowest empty string.

After some considerations and many discussions, we made the prototype of a classical guitar with an additional extended 7th string, this means an extension of the scale length, based on a design idea by Daniel Göritz. The special feature of this 7-stringed special model is the possibility to fix this 7th string individually with a specially developed mini clamp (single-string capo). For this purpose, the fingerboard only protrudes for the 7th string, which has the additional advantage of a relatively unchanged feeling due to the neck shape of a 6-stringed guitar.

This allows the guitarist to change the basic tone of the 7th string much more quickly without having to retune the 7th string.

Here you can download a development description (in German) with more photos from our website under the section "Brochures" and learn more about the musician and guitarist Daniel Göritz.


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