Changes in our model range

Unfortunately, at the end of 2020, our stock of Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) of quality levels 1 and 2 was used up. After long reflections, we decided beforehand not to buy any more Cocobolo. Demand is high, supply is limitied and populations are falling sharply. Altough there are now FSC-certified reforestation projects for Dalbergia retusa, at the moment it´s very difficult to acquire Cocobolo from sustainable stocks.

Therefore we decided to replace the Cocobolo for our 58-models with the decorative South American wood „Bocote“ (Cordia gerascanthus) since January 2021. Bocote is an extremly hard wood and has a beautiful grain with dark brown to black veins on a golden yellow to coffee brown background. The distribution area includes Central and South America, with the main focus of distribution in Mexico. That´s why it is also known as "Mexican Rosewood". Bocote trees grow between 20 and 30 meters high and have trunk diameters of about one to one and a half meters.

The Hanika HE-Torres and HE-Torres Cedar were also previously made with Cocobolo back and sides. For these two professional line models we have chosen as a substitute wood the extremely decorative Violet Rosewood (Dalbergia congestiflora), of which we were able to acquire some logs many years ago. Violet Rosewood, also known as Camatillo, is a very hard wood, just like Bocote, and comes from Mexico. The heartwood of this deciduous tree is brown with purple color stripes, from which the cream-colored sapwood stands out clearly in color.

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