Staff member Susanne Groetsch

Update September 2017:

Meanwhile Susi is responsible as team leader for the corpus construction department. She also married in May 2017 and her name is now "Susanne Schreglmann". Congratulations!!


In April 2005 we welcomed the trained carpenter Susanne Grötsch in our workshop. Since then she supports us in many fields of activity in the production. This includes especially the treatment of the tops and the backs, preparing and bending the sides and finally the assembling and completing of the body with all steps in between. Also the treatment of the guitars before the finishing process counts to her tasks.

Susi says herself: „I really like my big scope of duties and the variety that comes with it. Together with a good working atmosphere I'm really satisfied.

In her spare time she is a honorary member of a traditional franconian association and also in the local sports club. She also spends a lot of time meeting her friends and plays table tennis.

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