Staff member Martin Bretscher

Master maker of stringed instruments

Update September 2017:

At his own request Martin has withdrawn from our workshop and is currently at part-time responsible for our personell management.


At the age of 15 (1996) my „wooden path of life“ started with an apprenticeship as carpenter in Schweinfurt. At that time, guitar playing was my passion and hobby which led me to the guitar making workshop of Armin Hanika in 2003.

By Armins excellent training and further education I am able to play a good part in `Hanika Guitars`. Currently my key task is the management of the workshop. Beside the fine technical subjects in instrument making I especially like the human resources management part. I am very glad to link these tasks in my daily work.

At the end of a long working day I am pleased about well manufactured instruments and (mostly) still satisfied colleagues.

The familiar and frank atmosphere, cultivated by Armin and Marion Hanika plays a big part in the success of the company and is one of the main reasons for me to work here.

With my family I live in the heart of the Franconian Switzerland where I can find a good balance to my job with activities like mountainbiking, running or hiking with friends and family.


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