ARCHIVE  Lattice Natural

The back and sides on this classical guitar are made from exquisite Madagascar rosewood. The perfectly cut soundboard has been made from highest-quality and finest spruce wood.

The ‘LATTICE’ soundboard allows the stabilisation of the guitar's soundboard from below. The delicately crafted lattice-grid structure has made it possible to reduce the thickness of the soundboard to only 1.2 to 1.3 millimetres. This technically sophisticated execution significantly increases the intonation and sustainability of the sound and overall makes playing the instrument easier.

The combination of finest materials, high-quality Teflon-mounted ‘Rubner R2-E’ tuning machines and many elaborate details and processing technologies make the LATTICE NATURAL a true masterpiece.

The pierced Macassar-maple-Macassar head and the lovingly detailed sound-hole inlay constitute visual highlights. The HANIKA ‘NATURAL’ finish is a special feature on this guitar. This very thin varnish / wax sealing makes the finish less sensitive to the stresses that typically occur when the instrument is played. The thin sealing helps produce a particularly open and transparent sound.

Designed as a classical guitar, the LATTICE NATURAL delivers optimum efficiency, an impressive range of tone colour and very good attack and sustain.

Lattice Natural | CHARACTERISTICS*

650 mm
52 mm
105 mm
286/370 mm
490 mm
1015 mm


Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Natural-Detail-1-Pierced head
Pierced head
Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Natural-Detail-2-Ebony fretboard
Ebony fretboard
Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Natural-Detail-3-Curved rosewood bridge
Curved rosewood bridge
Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Natural-Detail-4-Special natural wax sealing
Special natural wax sealing

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