ARCHIVE  Lattice Meister

The back and sides on this classical guitar are made from best Palo Escrito tonewoods from Mexico and are complemented by a perfectly cut spruce soundboard made with the finest of wood qualities. A second soundboard made from noblest Santos rosewood that floats within the body delivers outstanding projection and a fuller sound.

The ‘LATTICE’ soundboard allows the stabilisation of the guitar's soundboard from below. The lattice-grid structure has made it possible to reduce the thickness of the soundboard to only 1.2 to 1.3 millimetres. This technically sophisticated execution significantly increases the intonation and sustainability of the sound and makes playing the instrument easier.

The monitor sound hole supports the guitarist's own perception and helps improve the direct audibility and monitoring of the sound.

The pierced rosewood-maple-rosewood head, the high-gloss varnished body and the ‘NATURAL’ look soundboard round off the LATTICE PROFESSIONAL both in regard to its appearance and sound.

Designed as a classical guitar for grand performances, the LATTICE PROFESSIONAL delivers very high efficiency, impressive timbre and outstanding attack and sustain.

Lattice Meister | CHARACTERISTICS*

650 mm
52 mm
105 mm
286/370 mm
490 mm
1015 mm


Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Meister-Detail-1-Pierced head
Pierced head
Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Meister-Detail-2-Soundboard made from best spruce
Soundboard made from best spruce
Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Meister-Detail-3-Rosewood bridge
Rosewood bridge
Hanika-Meisterklasse-Lattice-Meister-Detail-4-Additional side sound hole
Additional side sound hole

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