ARCHIVE  Flamenco KF

HANIKA's FLAMENCO KF is a guitar that has been optimised for playing flamenco in every way. Back and sides are made from the European cherry and the soundboard from outstanding spruce. This lightweight and thin guitar has been designed very much with attack in mind. Its defined bass makes it stand out brilliantly and makes it ideal for very expressive styles of playing. The by two centimetres smaller side height minimises the low-frequency bass range. In conjunction with the soundboard's doming, this guitar develops great efficiency along with a crisp and highly expressive sound.

Another feature of the Professional Line FLAMENCO KF is the inverted flamenco bridge that has been made from top-grade Indian rosewood. This special lightweight design improves the transfer of resonance to the soundboard.

Made from best solid tonewoods, this flamenco guitar that comes with an asymmetrically weighted domed soundboard with sevenfold fan bracing has been designed with flamenco in mind. The black bronzed bearing-mounted and bushed ‘Rubner R2-SE’ tuning machines with engraved edgings, the cedro neck reinforced with finest hardwood, the fretboard made from select ebony along with the solid rosewood head plate in the flamenco design are just a few of the quality highlights that the FLAMENCO KF brings to the show. The body has been sealed with a UV-curing high-gloss acrylic varnish and the soundboard has been elaborately hand-polished with shellac. A full pick-guard (Golpeador) is standard here.


Soundboard wood Spruce, Grade 2
Back wood Cherry, Grade 3
Neck wood Cedro / African blackwood
Fretboard wood Ebony, Grade 2
Soundboard bracing 7-fold, symmetrical, domed
Soundboard binding Rosewood
Back binding Rosewood
Head plates, front Rosewood, 1.5 mm
Head plates, back Rosewood, 0.6 mm
Scale 65cm
Fretboard width 52mm / 42mm
Tuning machines Rubner R2-SE
Body finish HE high-gloss finish
Soundboard finish Shellac high-gloss finish
Case / bag Hanika-Hiscox case, black

* This information sets out the standard configuration. Individual dimensions are also possible with custom options. You'll find more information about the custom options on the ‘Options’ page. Specifications apply to the current model year.


Hanika-CONCERT LINE-Flamenco-KF-Head plate in flamenco look
Head plate in flamenco look
Hanika-CONCERT LINE-Flamenco-KF-Extra-narrow sides
Extra-narrow sides
Hanika-CONCERT LINE-Flamenco-KF-Inverted flamenco bridge
Inverted flamenco bridge
Hanika-CONCERT LINE-Flamenco-KF-Edges inlaid with rosewood
Edges inlaid with rosewood

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