Martin Weiss / A L M A

The well-known Cologne guitarist, Martin Weiss, has been playing a Hanika CutPC/AK15+ for many years. After an initial contact in the spring last year, we could welcome him and his duo partner, Alicia Nilsson, together known as "ALMA ACOUSTIK DUO", in our workshop. To the delight of Armin Hanika and all of our employees, the two played a small but fine workshop concert. Alicia's powerful and expressive voice with the atmospheric guitar accompaniment by Martin Weiss with his Hanika CutPC filled our workrooms with very unusual tones and sounds - a wonderful change in our everyday luthier´s life. Thanks very much!

Then the two discussed the details of the new Hanika dream guitar, specifically in accordance with Martin Weiss' specifications and requirements. It was supposed to be a Hanika HE-Lattice Custom, with the new Fusion cutaway and curved fretboard. This combination was named "ALMA model" and was picked up by Martin and Alicia in November 2021.

In one of the last magazines of "guitar acoustic" [3]2022, Workshop Special China Girl, Martin Weiss says when asked about the equipment for the show: "I'm also very proud of this acoustic guitar. It's a Hanika model that I got endorsed last year. At that time we played a small concert at Hanika's and at the same time we discussed the details for the endorsement guitar. Indeed it was ready for the premiere and I could use it for the show straight away." 

CHINA GIRL - "LOVE IS STRONGER THAN BLOOD!" - the acrobatic show with the music by David Bowie and the artistic sensations of the Chinese National Circus - ALMA arranged the music for the CHINA GIRL soundtrack and perform live on the show stage.  From August 26, 2022 to October 30, 2022 Martin, Alicia and the Hanika "Alma-Modell"   are on tour with the CHINA GIRL Show through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The dates of the China Girl Show are mentioned and updated here:

Curious? Here you can find the CHINA-GIRL "Love Is Stronger Than Blood" Original Soundtrack and the ALMA-CD-ALBUM "GRACIAS A LA VIDA" as CD or for download.