Changes in the Hanika model range


1. Hanika 56PF, 56PC, CutPro PF and
CutPro PC

Since our recital line stock of PaloEscrito (Dalbergia PaloEscrito) is now used up and installed, we have decided to use since the start of construction in January 2019 in these models for back and sides the lively and warmer-sounding Madagascar rosewood (Dalbergia baronii).

This rosewood species is endemic to the tropical rainforests of Madagascar, at the east coast of Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar Rosewood is a premium tonewood of light to dark brown colour, interspersed with black grains, which makes it very decorative. It is dense, hard and fine-pored.


2. Hanika 58CC, 58CF, ClassicCut CC and ClassicCut CF

Since the start of construction in January 2019, we have been using the higher-quality Grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon) for the fingerboards, which we have been using for many years in most models of our professional line.

Grenadilla is much more susceptible than ebony (diospyros crassiflora) (less swelling and shrinkage in humidity fluctuations) and has a higher density.

The Grenadilla tree is found mainly in Central and East Africa, especially in Tanzania and Mozambique. The basic colour varies from black to brown-black, darkening in the air to uniform black. The wood is extremely hard and heavy and is mainly used in the high quality woodwind instrument sector.


3. Recital line models

It is planned from July 2019 to use for the models of the recital line with grenadilla fingerboards (52AF, 54PF / PC, 56PF / PC, CutPro PF / PC), too.


Hanika 56PF
Hanika 56PF